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Can I participate in a Clinical Trial?

Absolutely! Take a look at our Currently Enrolling Studies and call us at 713-909-9017. Our team at Synergy takes care to notify you of any known risks related to the study prior to your enrollment.

Where do I sign up?

If you are or know anybody interested in learning more about the studies below, please fill out your information in the "Contact Us" section and we will reach out to you!

Can I still go see my PCP?

Of course. Most clinical trials provide short-term treatments related to a designated illness or condition but do not provide extended or complete primary health care. In addition, by having the health care provider work with the research team, the participant can ensure that other medications or treatments will not conflict with the protocol.

What are the benefits on clinical trials?

Can I withdraw or leave the study after I join?

Yes. A participant can leave a clinical trial, at any time. When withdrawing from the trial, the participant should let the research team know about it, and the reasons for leaving the study.

Am I safe when participating in a clinical trial?

Your safety and overall health is our sites upmost priority. The ethical and legal codes that govern medical practice also apply to clinical trials. In addition, most clinical research is federally regulated with built in safeguards to protect the participants. The trial follows a carefully controlled protocol, a study plan which details what researchers will do in the study. As a clinical trial progresses, researchers report the results of the trial at scientific meetings, to medical journals, and to various government agencies. Individual participants' names will remain secret and will not be mentioned in these reports.

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